a short introduction

SNART = Self-Narrative-ART.

SNART relevation 2015

The revelation came when I started to reflect at my own art making through the years and explore the reasons why I needed to create art. I had to reflect on my self.

The term reflection came up and I started to use the word as an outset in my artistic study; Reflection – Mirror – Self. I looked at the word TRANS – did it reflect me? This word fascinated me. It involves so much movement. I found that the word had power in itself and I began to explore what it meant, where it came from and what it stands for.

Artistic play revealed that I could use art creations to reflect me.

To understand myself, I had to contemplate my own story. Who and what I am is the result of thoughts, actions and decisions I have conjured in the past. I began to wonder if one could regard my entire art making as a personal biography – each artwork as a chapter in my life’s book; an entry in a diary.

Reflecting on my art making in context as a body of a life-time creation, I sensed a connection. A thread could be spotted – a narrative: The story of the Self!

But, who or what was telling that story? and to whom? and why?

The word SNART is a mirror reflection of the word TRANS. The concept of the existential story of the Self – the Narrative of the Self – materializing in artworks, analogues to looking into a mirror, turned out to be a framework for a system that could be utilized to understand and make art. The concept of Self-Narrative ART came into being. Gradually, the idea that art and art creation, could be a prescription for a certain self-knowledge emerged; SNART could be a key to knowledge that could not otherwise be obtained – and SNART as an art concept and a philosophy was born!

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