T.O.R.A. Stiefel

TORA Snart artist

T.O.R.A. Stiefel graduated with a Bachelor degree from the Iceland University of the Arts and has a long standing carrier in visual art lasting over two decades. T.O.R.A. is the author of the SNART declaration. SNART is an acronym and a philosophy and stands for Self Narrative ART. SNART is an investigation of the Self, an artistic mirror aimed at understanding Art and Humanity through the need to create Art. T.O.R.A. Stiefel works with various media with roots in painting. Since the late eighties T.O.R.A. has exhibited both in Europe and the U.S.A., organized art events and collaborated with artists across the artistic spectrum, worked with theater, music and film.

“Whatever else it may be, for me Art is a proclamation; a statement about my existence in the world”