This is the year I graduated from the business college. The year of a new millennium and an ongoing search for a purpose and meaning. What now? With a business diploma I had to try if I could – and wanted – to make it in the business world. Of course my hidden agenda with the study and the diploma was to market my self. I knew that, no matter the art, if nobody knew about; if you could not communicate, a huge chunk of it would go missing. My artistic endeavors were still all about the CG and music.   

Talking on the phone. CG, 2000
Pose. Digital painting, 2000
Dressing. Vector drawing, 2000
Alien child, Vector drawing, 2000
Silk stockings. Vector drawing, Adobe Illustrator, 2000
CD label. CG, 2000
Zelda. CG, 2000
Logo. CG, 2000
Van Hekelen Logo. CG, 2000