This year a new live performance project was born. TORA Victoria emerged from my inner depth. I started a project I was not at all sure where would lead to, where it would take me nor how long it would last. The TORA Victoria project performance lasted for two decades. It merged into the SNART project and the TORA Victoria live performance became the core of SNART and became known as Arte Vitae Performance.

All my life I had known I was ambiguous sexually. Since childhood I had been drawn to “girly” things but never identified as gay. At the early days of social media and the humongous potentials of the internet for networking and information gathering, I finally came to the conclusion that I was transgender. For me, Tora Victoria was as much as an art project as a personal outing; a way to come to terms with my feelings and emotions but most of all a recognition of what and who I was and am. TORA Victoria as has now been coined into a socio-political art project, a life long Arte Vitae performance.

TORA, SNART, Stiefel, art, erotica, Iceland, Reykjavik, Þór Ludwig,
Tora Victoria. Ink on paper, 30x42cm. 2001
Auto portrait. Vector drawing, Adobe Illustrator, 2001
TV. CG, 2001
SPOR. Digital painting, 2001
Artist Þór Ludwig Stiefel - TORA
Captivity. Digital painting, 2001
Angel. CG, 2001
Erotica poster. Digital illustration, Adobe Illustrator, 2001
Kabaret. CG, 2001
Red Clothing. CG, 2001
Behind. CG, 2001
Legs. CG, 2001
Nylon Performance. CG, 2001
Canon. CG, 2001
Entry. CG, 2001
Suspenders. CG, 2001
Eyeball. Digital painting, 2001