I use sound and music as an inspiration. Often I record environment sounds and use the recording as a guiding tool for artistic explorations. I like to create sound-sculptures and layer video on top and use it in installation projects or simply paint with it.
I have always made music. As a kid I played in the school’s brass band, I studied guitar, percussion and played the bass in my own punk band named Trúðurinn (Icelandic for The Clown). Gradually I converted into computer music and compositions that eventually let to the sound-sculptures I work on today. My journey has been through Cubase , Reason, Protools and various DAW’s to MAX 8 and Live. This is really my gateway into interactive art work that I am currently pursuing by making music machines in MAX, using Jitter and Blender to visualize sounds through OSC and MIDI in my installations.

Dark Space
The Interview 2022
Hallgrimur – 2022
Life As We Know It – 2021
Afterthought – 2021
Aureole – 2020
Manga – 2005
Ambiento – 2005