Pietà Digital Photograph 2017


I am a painter. In Art, painting for me is a passion. Painting, as a medium, is the ultimate SNART platform. I am using the term painting in a broad untraditional sense here. I am not referring to painting in a specific medium, i.e. something that is wet and dries, where you can mix colors of a specific kind and apply them to a two dimensional surface. I am using the term painting in the abstract sense referring to picture composition, color harmony and, not the least, referring to the painting as a message, a story – a narration.

Pietà is a work that I composed to tell a story about the ultimate transformation – Death. I saw my younger Self carrying my older Self to the death. This is a piece about a fantasy that is death; so far away from any of us living, that it is unimaginable but yet so imminent; so real that it is almost unbearable and hence facing it is object to a perpetual postponement. I wanted to address the tradition; echo and reflect on what has preceded me. In a SNART fashion this piece is a mirror. The tradition of Pietà stems from Christianity, portraying a mother carrying her dead offspring. It is a world turned upside-down; the old burying the young and the everlasting life of the resurrection concurring death – forever. My Pietà is a mirror of that mirror. Here the young is carrying the old into the death. The mother is a transgender woman who cannot bear offspring. I saw my younger Self carrying my older Self into death looking for an answer – what is this life span?

I am playing with role-playing. Putting my self into a role – a simulation; connecting myself to the tradition in a theatrical act that is an art piece that is SNART.