Throughout Stiefel’s art career he has regarded painting as more than just applying paint on a surface. Working with brushes and paint is but a one way to create a painting. Painting is an image that can be felt, just as much as it can be “seen”. Laborious study of image composition, contrasts and illusion of depth is a worthy exercise, but the real deal for the artist is the quest for the essence of art making, which for Stiefel is the narrative. The artist Þór Stiefel is hunting for a narrative, that is there floating around in the ether everywhere around us – and like a good fisherman and a provider; it is the work of the artist to catch it and prepare it to be digested, to nourish the soul and give some sort of meaning to the viewer

Oil painting by Thor Stiefel


TORA, SNART, Stiefel, art, erotica, Iceland, Reykjavik, Þór Ludwig,


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