TORA is born in Reykjavik Iceland in 1967. With background in painting TORA has been working with art, culture, programming and multi media, for several decades: TORA’s work credentials include working in museums, art festivals and marketing among others: The Living Art Museum Reykjavik, Trans-Iceland, Independent Art Festival Reykavik and H|N:Marketing.

TORA is interested in gender identity. She explores, in her art, the borders between manhood and womanhood in various context cumulating in a concept she has phrased “SNART”. The research goes into subcultures, ideas and prejudges throughout history. Provocative, sometimes, depending on the context and situations, TORA goes into the core of gender identity in her art. What is allowed? and why? where? A particular aspect of TORA’s research touches upon prejudges and hierarchy within the trans community with further application in the queer culture in general. TORA asks questions like: What is it to be a woman and feminine? Is it the genitals? Does one pass after gender reassignment surgery? Is it about complying with the rules of preconceived ideas of a particular culture about what it is to be feminine/masculine? TORA explores fashion, porn, beauty, stereotypes, prejudges and politics, not the least political correctness and its impact on art, culture and the debate.

2015 –  2018   The Iceland University of the Arts | BA Fine Art
1998 – 2000   Copenhagen Business Academy | International Marketing
1988 – 1989    Iceland art & craft school
1984 – 1988    Hamrahlíð College | Highschool Diploma

Solo Exhibitions
2017   Gallery Kubbur | Reykjavik
2016   Reykjavik Pride | Reykjavik
2011   Gallery Listamenn | Reykjavik
2003   Næstibar | Reykjavik
2002   Gallery Boreas | New York
1997    Mokkakaffi | Reykjavik
1996    Mokkakaffi | Reykjavik
1996    Nordic house | Reykjavik
1995    Gallery Bergstaðir | Reykjavik
1995    22 | Reykjavik
1994    Nordic house | Reykjavik
1993    Gallerí Djúpið | Reykjavik
1992    Hlaðvarpinn | Reykjavik

2018   Funnyman | Raflosti Mengi Reykavik
2018   SNART Radio BABEL  101.1FM | The Living Art Museum Reykjavik
2018   Mixed emotions | Húrra Reykjavik
2016   Psychomanteum | The Iceland University of the Arts Reykjavik
2015   Dada 100 | The Iceland University of the Arts Reykjavik

2018   Út á túni – Kjarvalsstaðir | Reykjavik
2018   Allar leiðir slæmar | Skaftfell Art Center Seyðisfjörður
2017   The Wrong Place | Mengi Reykjavík
2016   Tilraunakvöld | Mengi Reykjavik
2015   10 things every man should know about the Woman’s Brain | Reykjavik
2013   Óskastígur (participant-organizer-curator) | Reykjavik
1995   Loftárás á Seyðisfjörð – Art festival (participant-organizer) | Reykjavik

BA thesis (Icelandic):