Þór Ludwig Stiefel artist in his studio
Þór Stiefel in his studio

Þór Stiefel is an internationally renowned multimedia artist who has his roots in painting. Stiefel’s works span across all mediums and have multiple philosophical and political references. Working with visual art, time-based art, music and sound as well as writings, Mr. Stiefel has managed to create a body of work that span across four decades and his works speak to a wide audience and explore the boundaries between philosophy, politics and aesthetics – often challenging the viewers to think beyond what they see on the surface. Stiefel’s art is about the narrative, reaching inwards and grabbing the story and conglomerating it in a medium into the physical world – Stiefel regards it all painting

In addition to his artwork, Stiefel has also been involved in a variety of promotional activities, such as giving lectures, managing art festivals and workshops

Often challenging and invigorating, Stiefel is an artist who embraces both tradition and innovation in his work, creating pieces that are both visually captivating and thought-provoking. Mr. Stiefel has exhibited both in Europe and America and has won various awards and grants earning him respect in the art world among professionals and the public alike

Born in Reykjavík Ísland 1967

M.A. UPRUM – Academy of the Arts Architecture and Design, Prague

B.A. Listaháskóli Íslands – Iceland University of the Arts

Association of Icelandic Visual Artists SÍM

Nýlistasafnið – The Living Art Museum Iceland NÝLO

The Story of Thor an autobiography