Artist statement – SNART

I make art to understand my Self, Art and Life. Through that work I am creating my self – as an artist and as an individual. My art evolves around a system – SNART. SNART stands for Self-Narrative-ART. SNART is the mirror script of the word TRANS. I am a trans gender person.

Whatever else it may be, for me Art is a proclamation; a statement about my existence in the world. The statement is: I am here, I made this and I am alive. My artwork is an echo of that proclamation; breadcrumbs through a journey that is my life – my story.

Through SNART the need for feeling my self is fulfilled and that creation is a self creation as an individual and as an artist.

SNART is a concept – a philosophy and a body of work that gives me perspective to read life and art. My works are socio-political when I touch upon Hate-speech, discrimination and prejudice. My art is Queer when I picture myself and my identity as a proud member of the ‘other’.  I tell my story in art; I create myself through art and art-making makes me.

My Art is Me and I am my Art.