Tíminn og Vatnið/Time and Water. Video about how time can be contemplated through water ripples, dur.: 10:19. 2021
It is all about sise, Thor Stiefel TORA
It is all about size. Guash on paper, 100x70cm. 2021
The looming fear and strangeness of early 2020. Video, dur.: 14:05. 2020-2021
Thor, Stiefel, TORA, Well


A binary crystal made with mathematical procedural method – to be displayed through a sculptor enhancing both video and audio
Artist Thor Stiefel TIME 2020
TIME. Digital Media. 2021
It SHOULD not matter. Digital Media. 2021. Thor Stiefel Artist SNART
It SHOULD not matter. Digital Media. 2021.
The Premiere. Video Animation. Dur. 2:04. 2021

This is a work contemplating on current affairs in 2021

Mr. Cencor. Video, dur. 2:37. 2021

A work made to address what I find to be increased strain on freedom of expression in the west in the twenty first century.