I can remember I was working full time as an assistant at the Living Art Museum in Reykjavik in 1995, but managed to put up a show at Gallery Djúpið in Reykjavik. Djúpið was the coolest place in town were the famous rock group Sugarcupes among others performed. This show was dark and portrayed hidden feelings, anxiety, fear and regrets.
I sold most of the works and am working on getting my hands on images of the works (I was not all that good in preserving documentations in those days). The show consisted of 10 – 15 works

Old lady with a bonnet, oil on canvas 50x65cm
Artist Þór Ludwig Stiefel - TORA
Sæbjörg. Oil on pane, 60x40cm. 1995
The beacon. Oil on canvas, 145x100cm. 1995