This is a year of oblivion. Not a lot going on in my art as for output but even more going on in my inner scalding. Mostly I was sketching and working in music and I kept on working on the Tarot deck. This was my last year living in Denmark. I was traveling to and fro from Iceland, looking for a house and figuring out a way to make a living as an artist (ring a bell anybody?)


Manga. Dur. 3min 36sec. 2006

Rúnatal. Dur. 7min 38sec. 2006

Metatron. Dur. 5min 13sec. 2006

Cobweb. Dur. 11min 22sec. 2006

Summersalad. Dur 3min 30sec. 2006

T.O.R.A. CG sketch, 2006

Text–poem. 2006

Artist Þór Ludwig Stiefel - TORA
Auto portrait. Aquarelle on paper, 21x30cm 2006
Trust. Pencil and oil on board, 24x28cm. 2006

Tarot Mandala. Vector drawing. 2006