This year was a quiet year artistically for me. I got a job as hotel manager in a small place in the east of Iceland. I kept on developing the T.O.R.A project, finally got on to designing my own Tarot deck and proceeded working with music. The hotel job was seasonal job over the summer and it kept me too busy to really think about art; but sometimes I find that exactly what I need – a pause and a rest, enabling me to gather my thoughts and return with fierce engagement and enthusiasm again.

Tora Victoria flag. Digital painting, 2004
Tora Victoria. 3D digital painting. 2004
White mirror. Vector drawing, 2004
Auto portrait. Digital painting, 2004
A drink. Vector drawing, 2004
Coitus. Digital painting, 2004
Coitus. Digital painting, 2004
TORA, SNART, Stiefel, art, erotica, Iceland, Reykjavik, Þór Ludwig,
The Star XVII. Vector drawing. 2004
Death. Vector drawing, 2004
The magician. Vector drawing, 2004
Nine of cups. Vector drawing, 2004