My art focus for the next couple of years was around my computer. This was the heydays of the internet and computer graphics. For me, exiting days, full of possibilities; a new country a new beginning.  An old sparkle rekindled and beside the CG, I started making music again – something I had done quite a bit as a teen but now with DAW’s I really got into composing and integrating it into my art.

Proposal for a work in public space. “Volcanic Island” The idea depicting a Vulcan and a glacier – a hot steam emanating from the top. Sketch made in Bryce 3D software. 1999
Volcanic Island”. 1999
Volcanic Island” areal view, 1999
Version of the Vulcan project. Bryce, 1999
Milestone. 3D painting, Bryce. 1999
Gear. Adobe illustrator study, 1999
Mandala. Adobe illustrator, 1999
Auto portrait. Digital painting, 1999
Zelda. 3D animation, Poser, 1999
Water droplets. Digital illustration 1999
Formation. Digital illustration, 1990
Farken. Digital illustration, 1990
Blau. Digital illustration, 1990