SNART – Seyður

SNART Seuður Tora Stiefel
SNART Seyður. Video installation. Mirror, video projection, sound.

SNART Seyður Tora Stiefel

SNART Seyður TORA Stiefel
From the opening at Skaftfell Art Center in Seyðisfjörður

I continued working on my SNART project when I had the change to apply for a co-operative course between the Iceland Academy of the Arts and the Dieter Roth Academy in Seyðisfjörður Iceland. For two weeks I had the whole town of Seyðisfjörður in east Iceland at my exposure. The Seyðisfjord can be beautifully calm and hypnotic. Walking past the calm water reflects the ‘other’ world and points you towards this other worldly scene you see in the mirror.
In this piece I used a mirror in plus folded sense. I made a video of the mirroring water surface, where land meets the ocean, where the organic meets the inorganic, where human made objects merge into the natural environment and disappear. I found a mirror from the local dump site and scraped out the letters SNART so as they would contain the mirror. I placed the mirror in the middle of the gallery space and projected the video on it so you could see the vide reflecting on the mirror and on the wall behind it shadowing the letters SNART. On the opposite wall you could see the reflecting image shadowing the letters TRANS. Underneath the video I played a sound with environmental ambience and one could hear the raindrop sound when they hit the reflective surface of the water as to emphasize the mirroring echo of a soundscape.