TORA SNART-logo Stiefel
SNART-Logo, mixed media installation, 2017

I have been working with the concept Self-Image. This concept is close to my essence since I, as a trans person, have had to reinvent the image I draw of myself and project to the world. The speculation about the self image and its construct, as a serious study, began for me when, in early 2000, I got associated with a group of transgender women in Iceland. Those women, I found out, had lived all their trans-lives fiercely guarding their boyish upbringing and past lives as a secret; reinventing their past as well as their identity. In this I saw a reflection of a society that did not accept transgenderism. I also experienced a profound reinvention of a personal image and how one portrays oneself; a branding if there ever was one. Out of all this oozed a magnificent concoction of self image, self creation, reality and fiction.

SNART-logo, mixed media installation, 2017

In a glass case underneath the logo I had placed several printouts from the SNART manifesto. This was to reference the archival/museum setup as to give the notion of value and irreplaceability. The printouts specifically addressed the term TRANS. I had written down, from various sources, dictionary definitions of the prefix trans in the English language along with various words beginning with trans, such as transition, transcendent, translate, transgress and transfer.

As one of the pivotal points in SNART, mirroring was used in this instance, both as a reflection and in the mirroring of the word SNART; portraying the fact that the term SNART is the mirror image of the word TRANS.

SNART-logo, mixed media installation, 2017