In 2015 I created the work Psychomanteum. The Psychomanteum is a SNART work composite of a performance, an installation, a video installation and a sound sculpture. The idea behind the work is to portray how knowledge can enlighten the individual and be seen as a rebirth.

Psychomanteum, TORA, SNART, Stiefel, List, Myndlist, gjörningur, Listaháskóli Íslands, Art, Ieland, Ísland, Reykjavík, Reykjavik
Psychomanteum Installation Video Performance 2016
Psychomanteum, TORA, SNART, STIEFEL
Mixed media performance and video installation 2016

TORA, SNART, Psychomanteum, Artist, Stiefel, Iceland, Reykjavik

The space was approx. 150 m2 with a 6 m. ceiling. At one end I had placed a ‘scene’ with a floating red veil aired with a wind machine. To the left of the ‘scene’ I placed a tree to symbolize the ‘tree of life’ or Yggrasyl the tree of wisdom from the Norse mythology. At the far right I placed a stern of a ship to indicate a linear time line of the work. To tone the Psychomanteum further into the occult I projected a full moon onto the background.

When the audience had gathered in front of the stage I crawled up from the blood red Mother Earth and was born an infant; oblivious of my surroundings. Groping and crawling around blinded with the veil of ignorance I found the knowledge in a form of a top hat in the stern of the ship – I had found the direction. Through education I found enlightenment in the form of a strobing light. At the same time eight video projectors were turned on as by magic. They portrayed a person walking in a white dreamy environment, leaving trails in her path. We saw blood and the devastation of war; ruined buildings, people refugees looking numb at us. Under all this a soundtrack. Music from the German rock band Rammstein. The song Ich Will (I want) played backwards. The reference to evangelist theory of rock music being the message from the Devil as can be heard when played backwards – music mirrored.

I play with mirror in this work. Introspection – a reflection, as so often in my work. SNART is Self-reflection.

The performance ends with a broadcast interruption and the message simultaneously projected on all eight screens:

What if Lucifer really is the Light bearer? – what if?

A video made to accompany the performance Psychomanteum (2016). The depiction is from the devastation of the Syrian war and a view of footprints of a person walking in the snow.
Duration: 15 min.