TORA, Transformation, SNART, STIEFEL
Transformation (ongoing) 2015 – 2017



In 2015 I, the artist TORA, started a male-to-female sex reassignment therapy. On Wednesday the 26th. of August 2016, the day before the commence of the hormone therapy, work on the project series Transformation began documenting the transformation of the the body.

Transformation is a documentation piece. Every autumn a twelve-week period of TORA´S transition is photographed. The body is placed in front of the camera in a straight position. As little as possible abstraction is permitted. Light and background should be as neutral white as possible – that may vary since it is not part of the work. Each column is one photographic session. The first column is the day before starting hormone therapy in week 32.

Hormone therapy:             weeks 32 – 40 2015; Estradiol 2 x 0.75mg. daily, Cyproteronacetat 2 x 50mg. daily.

weeks 40 – 43 2015; Estradiol 2mg. daily, Cyproteronacetat 25mg. daily.

Since 2016; Estradiol 3 x 0.75mg. daily, Cyproteronacetat 25mg. weekly.

Camera-lens 35mm.

Drive 8.0, ISO 224

Weeks 32 through 42

Years: 2015, 2016, 2017