Mær mæri mæra, TORA, SNART, installation
Mær Mæri Mæra. Installation 2016

Mær mæri mæra Tora SNARTMær, mæri, mæra are Icelandic words that could be related or even have the visual fallacy of being a conjugation of the same stem, but they are not. The words mær, mæri, mæra are totally unrelated words. The word Mær is a noun and means a maiden. The word Mæri is a noun and means something that seperates, originally a place and in current Icelandic it is mainly used as a suffix as in Landa-mæri meaning borders i.e. territorial borders. The word Mæra is a verb that means to praise someone or something.

In this installation I was focusing on several things. First it was the Mæri, .i.e. borders. I was interested in the veil, the screen that separates – this often imaginary wall between me and others. This is a SNART piece and ultimately I am interested in the border between life and death but in this particular case as I was embarking on my journey through sexual transformation, I was interested in the Mæri between the sexes.

Secondly, I was interested in the ‘Black box’. The Black box is a terminology used in connection with flying. In the cockpit there is a device that records all the flight data and communication during the flight, a crucial element in flight crash investigation. But it can also refer to something elementary that is there but unknown to most of us. In linguistics for example the Universal Grammar or UG is often referred to as the Black box. I take both these ideas and merge them in my investigation of the human psyche. There is something there that most of us are unaware of but it is crucial and records everything in our lives only to be reveal when as a flash when we die. But the Black box in this instance is also some dictation that dictates our lives, our thoughts and actions. This is what is referred to when people are urged to think outside the box – the Black box!

The spiral is a universal form and represents the lives path – the journey. The thumb is cold metallic and point into the room; an indication or pointing to a cause? The broken window is an image of me – breaking the glass and getting out of the window – the black frame – the Black box. The coal is a remnant of something that burned piled up in a ridge that forms a border – between before and after.Mær mæri mæra, TORA, SNART, installationMær mæri mæra, TORA, SNART, installationMær mæri mæra TORA, SNART, STIEFEL

Mær mæri mæra, TORA, SNART, installation

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