Hate-speech is a SNART piece. For me everything revolves around the personal, the Self and the narrative. Originally I had the urge to respond to the impersonal, mass produced global homogeneity that is submerging humanity and molding everybody into the same form. In SNART, I thought I had found a way to read society through Art and Art through society. This reading allows for a reaction and invites the artist to take a stand based on awareness about one´s place in the matrix and personal beliefs. Computers with their sharpness and effectiveness, marketing with its impersonal mass products, social media and smartphones, evoke in me a desideratum for integrity and humanness. In this piece I am working from the point of reference that is hate and hostility. I wanted to play with the opposites; us vs. them and what it can lead to on a personal level of those who are at the receiving end of hate, bullying and hate-speech.

Hate-speech (part), mixed media installation 2017

The construction of the piece was an antipodal installation composed of a self portrait in the form of an oil painting, a cyborg sculpture and a sound piece. I placed the organic/personal against the machine; the calm of the traditional against the speed of the contemporary technologically crazed; the individual against the world. In the middle of the space, I positioned a man-chine, facing a portrait of myself. This machine-man, constructed of a speaker/amplifier placed on a metal bar, dominantly declared the room. Shining black, like the Darth Vader vomiting into the space a hate-speech I had specifically collected and manipulated for this piece. The hate-speech was based on a video from an evangelical YouTube channel that had its purpose to warn the world about the ‘Trans Gender Agenda.’ This particular kind of hate-speech seems to be on the rise as transgender peoples’ rights and visibility becomes more spotlighted. Against this man-chine hate-speech was myself. A portrait of me but without a face – a faceless person facing oppression and hostility of hate-speech cowardly hidden behind the anonymity of the social media. The aim of this piece was to create a tension between two worlds: the mega, machine, repressive, world of the homogeneous and the unique, personal, welcoming world of the ambiguous.

mixed media installation 2017
mixed media installation